ATI Super Damper for Honda D-Series 7″ Aluminum




ATI manufactures a multitude of high performance parts including competition transmissions such as the incomparable Superglide®, Treemaster Converters®, Super Dampers®, Compu-Flow® Valve Bodies, Flexplates and Adapter Kits as well as a wide variety of performance enhancing internal transmission components. Innovative designs, partnered with a commitment to racing, allows the company to maintain a prominent position on the cutting edge of high performance component design and manufacturing. ATI proudly holds over a dozen U.S. Government patents, with others pending.

Located just outside of Baltimore, Maryland ATI’s manufacturing facility houses one of the most advanced machine shops in the industry; all machinery operations take place in-house so that total quality control can be maintained. There are more than 30 CNC machines operating in the plant to ensure that ATI customers receive the highest quality performance components available anywhere.

A torsional vibration damper provides durability by controlling destructive torsional vibration. A side benefit to vibration control is releasing lost torque and horsepower through greater efficiency. A performance damper is constructed from three main components:

1. Outer housing 2. Inner inertia ring 3. Silicone fluid

The outer housing mounts to the crankshaft. When combustion triggers rapid twisting and rebounding (torsional vibration), the outer housing and inner inertia ring will move in-and-out of phase with each other. The motion of the inner inertia ring through the silicone creates shear. Shear eliminates unwanted vibration.

Viscous silicone maintains viscosity tolerance across a wide temperature range. Approximately -40° F to 300° F. This provides very consistent and predictable damping properties. Excellent heat dissipation and low friction of silicone are other key silicone advantages.

Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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