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The Godzilla deck insert is designed with the intention of filling the middle ground between a stock sleeved motor and a fully sleeved motor. The average boosted engine build will be between 500-650 HP and does not justify the price of installing darton sleeves or similar.

Each block is individually probed and then the deck insert is machined to fit YOUR BLOCK ONLY. Each block will have minor differences and we do this to have the optimum press fit and strength all while using stock sleeves. Each deck insert is made from billet 6061 aluminum on a HAAS 3 axis cnc machine. Featuring coolant moat to fill all available coolant openings without sacrificing strength by having 50+ coolant holes drilled into the insert.

The inserts are press fit so tightly that the oem sleeves will distort after the process, every block will at minimum require .5mm overbore on the cylinders and you should plan your build and parts accordingly.

The basic godzilla deck package includes, fitting the deck insert, hot tank, and surfacing.

Boring, honing can be completed at additional cost as well as oring installed.

If you would like us to finish hone the block send the pistons you intend to run so that we can properly set the piston to wall clearance.

If you need a core provided for you they are sold as bare block with caps/girdles ONLY, no crank, no rods, no other bits

Additional information

Weight 1440 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in
D Series Godzilla deck

I will be shipping my block in, I will need a block core provided for me


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